30. August 2019
On the long way back home we took the oppurtunity to visit UK's highest mountains. The last one; Snowdon via the scarry Crib Goch...
24. August 2019
After leaving the boat in Inverness we took our time to cross England with stops in several National Parks - always with the goal to clim the country's highest peak...
19. August 2019
Finally some good weather to climb Ben Nevis from the nord. Afterwards packing up and heading towards home - with detours to the highest peaks along the way for a week - Scafell Pike and Snowdon following in the next article...
15. August 2019
After 843 nm we finally reached Inverness, where we are going to leave the boat for the winter. After a week of cleaning and making the boat winter-safe (usually there is some snow) we now have time to explore the higlands on extended hikes.
12. August 2019
Tacking a whole day against the wind over the Loch Ness - on a race against two other boats... And where was Nessie the whole time?
08. August 2019
Exceptionally the first time ahead of time, we are already on the impressiv, almost 200 years old Caledonian Canal, crossing trough the high mountains of Scottland. The canal includes 29 locks over a length of 97km. 1/3 ist man-made, the rest consists of four lakes and the highest elevation ist 32m above sea leve.
04. August 2019
Slowly, but continuous we head further up the fiord to Ford William, from where we will cross trough the Caledonian Canal to Inverness - unfortunately already the final destination for this year. But before that we really are looking forward to sail over Loch Ness...
01. August 2019
After some great evenings we left Port Ellen behind and sailed north-east towards Fort William and the Caledonian Canal. On the way we anchored in remote places between impressiv mountains.
29. Juli 2019
With arriving on Islay we made it to finally Scotland - on the second day we dusted off our bicyces and went of for a tour to the nearest whiskey distelleries. And for the first time this year we met another sailing boat from Switzerland :-)
25. Juli 2019
In the past we had mostly to wait for better winds - here on the northeastern point of Ireland, where strong tidal currents take place we have additionally to pay attention to the right hours for the crossings. But we truly enjoy the time here with great music and locals telling stories from the past.

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