16. Juni 2023
The last days of this sailing season we spent in and around Glückstadt. A very nice place with lovely restaurants adn ice cream shops. There is also a good harbour, protected by a lock from the Elbe. The plan's to leave our boar here until September...
09. Juni 2023
Elbe and NOK
The last week we spent between Cuxhaven, Glückstadt and the northsea-baltic-channel. Hiking and a lot of postponed boat work had to be done...
02. Juni 2023
Fascinating wildlife on Helogland
After a 3-day sailingtrip (detour to the middle of the north-sea due to strong winds along the cost) we reached the still quiet island of Helgoland.
26. Mai 2023
Exploring the southern tip of Norway
After 50h of fast sailing we arrived in Kirkehamn, on the southwestern tip of Norway. Due to strong northerly winds, we have been stuck for almost a week. Not so bad at all - there are so many beautiful hikes, nice places and very friendly people...
19. Mai 2023
Scotland and a short visit on Puffin-Island
12. Mai 2023
Preparing the short season 2023
At the beginning of the sailing season, there is always some work on the boat and obtaining a lot of food. Because of the really great weather it took us even more time - there where so many nice hikes around Inverness, which we preferred to work...
24. September 2022
End of season 2022
Last leg to Inverrness and visiting national parks while driving home...
17. September 2022
Stormy Orkney Islands
Short sail to Kirkwall and waiting almost a week to head further south due to strong winds against the tide in the channel of the Islands...
10. September 2022
Delightful Fair Isle
Enjoying again the beautiful place with it's friendly inhabitants - after only three days we already knew 20% of them by name :-) Also trying to keep our timetable and sailing towards Inverness in strong winds...
03. September 2022
Fall has arrived - time to head south
Strenous voyage from Iceland to Scotland; too much wind, no wind and high swell - with a short stop in Vagur and a lovely stay on Fair Isle.

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