24. September 2022
End of season 2022
Last leg to Inverrness and visiting national parks while driving home...
17. September 2022
Stormy Orkney Islands
Short sail to Kirkwall and waiting almost a week to head further south due to strong winds against the tide in the channel of the Islands...
10. September 2022
Delightful Fair Isle
Enjoying again the beautiful place with it's friendly inhabitants - after only three days we already knew 20% of them by name :-) Also trying to keep our timetable and sailing towards Inverness in strong winds...
03. September 2022
Fall has arrived - time to head south
Strenous voyage from Iceland to Scotland; too much wind, no wind and high swell - with a short stop in Vagur and a lovely stay on Fair Isle.
27. August 2022
Concluding the Circumnavigation of Iceland
Enjoying the last beautiful day on the Vestmannaeyjar before the next low pressure systems hit. And using the bead weather to visite the impressive museum and the great swimming pool...
20. August 2022
Sailing to the Vestmannaeyjar Islands
After enjoying the south-west of Iceland we had to hurry up and be on the way back to europe mainland. Unfortunately the first bigger storms with gale forces winds already arrived and we still have wait on the Vestmannaeyjar Islands for the jump south...
13. August 2022
Exploring the Reykjanes peninsula
Using the still stormy weather to explore more of the fascinating Reykjanes peninsula with it's volcanic history. Visiting the lava tunnels, hot springs and lovely black beaches...
06. August 2022
Volcanic eruption
We won't let this opportunity pass us by for sure - just 16 miles from our harbor the Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted again and there are no restrictions for visiting...
30. Juli 2022
Akranes and Snaefellsnes peninsula
Renting a car for two days and visiting the surroundings of Akranes, before Ben left for two weeks for Switzerland. During his absence Danielle did a lot of painting work inside and outside on the boat...
16. Juli 2022
Islands westfjords
Spending some lovely days in the remote westfjords, a broken anchor winch and heading slowely south...

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